Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NEW Fall Colors!

It may be hot around here, but I'm feeling very cool about the selection of yarn colors for this fall! I always stick to the traditional black (not shown), brown (Coffee Bean, last one) and grey (Light Grey Heather, 4th), but also like to throw in other colors for fun! This year I decided on two jewel tones, Port (first one) and Bayou (2nd), then added a touch of pink with Petal (3rd).
Most ribbon colors will go beautifully with the traditional colors. A dark pink/hot pink, black and brown ribbons will look the best with Petal. Brown and torqouise will look best with Bayou, and black and deep/dark purple will look best with Port. Of course, as I make the bags I will look at many different ribbon choices.
I hope you like what you see!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Vera steals my idea...

So I'm browsing through the new Vera Bradley catalog I just grabbed from the mailbox... I really like their color combos. As I look through the section of different types of products and costs, I see that they now offer a BANGLE WRISTLET! Come on!! It's a little smaller than mine but it's the same idea!
Anyway, my product is a bit larger, HANDMADE AND ORIGINAL:) So, if you are a Vera fan and think you might want to purchase this particular product, think about purchasing from me instead--my color palate always matches theirs anyway!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

She's baaack!

For those of you wondering about my hand status, I'm still healing and recovering well from my double carpal tunnel surgery. As long as I crochet in small doses, I will be fine. My family and friends have been so helpful and supportive in my recovery--thank you so very much!!

This fall/winter expect to see my original traditional styles, plus I will add some new fun embellishments to the mix! I'm also going to bring back some of my jewelry making skills, so look for just a few designs in necklaces, bracelets and earrings. My price points will be $25-$30 for the necklaces, $15-$20 for bracelets and around $10 for earrings. So affordable!!

If anyone is interest in doing a home party, and you are within reasonable driving distance to Mechanicsburg, PA, please let me know! I offer similar hostess gifting as other home-show competitors.

I will be updating where my products will be in the local Arts&Crafts shows so come out and have some fun!!!

Enjoy the rest of your summer! Carrie