Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Orders Up!!

Wow--I have been one busy crocheting fool for quite some time now! Haven't even had the opportunity to post new pics on this blog!
If you are interested in a wristlet for Christmas, please order before Friday December 11th. This will give me plenty of time to make it and get it to you:)
Here are some new designs, but I can tailor them to what you want. Call or email or comment with what you would like! Prices range from $25 to $50 depending on the size.
Season's Greetings Friends! And a huge thank you to those of you who have already ordered!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Great Holiday Wristlet

I get more requests for black wristlets than any other, so here you go! This one is perfectly simple for any occassion. This black 5x7 size wristlet has a black velvet ribbon and silver bangle. The interior is a rich black brocade with subtle pink paisley design. Whether you wear traditional holiday colors or the trendy, try to find a pin that matches as it will add that extra "POP" to the purse!
$40, and it's yours!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Girlie Girl Pink!

This one is just too precious! Sweet for the teenager (or tween) and still do-able for the ladies--just add a little bling! My girlfriend Amy will go ape for this one for sure!!
This wristlet is the 5x7 with silver bangle. The ribbon is called "beauty", a rich hot pink velvet, the zipper is a very light pink and the interior brocade is even more delicate pink with a peony inspired floral design. Seriously--so stinkn' sweet you'll probably get a toothache!
Don't be afraid that this is too cutesie because it's pink.... I personally would use this for just running around AND as my clutch over the holidays. Choosing a crystal pin, monogrammed broach or some equally inspiring piece from your jewelry box will give this wristlet a truly unique look.
And best of all.... it's only $40!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Harvest

As I explained in my last blog, I had to re-make the purple wristlet because my friend Suzanne bought it off my wrist. I decided to try a different color for the ribbon--it's called acajou, which is a really rich burnt orange or rust. I like to describe this beautiful wristlet as eggplant with cider.... delicious!

This wristlet is the largest, sized at 5x9, has an antique gold bangle, purple zipper and moss green with brown and turquoise paisley brocade interior. The ribbon, tied in a bow, is velvet and I embellished it with my own personal pin. I just felt this one would look even bolder with a pin.

I thought you might like to see what I can actually fit in this bag: I have my wallet, my phone and lip gloss, with room for my keys or something else little. All of these items would fit in the 5x7 size, too.

I sell the 5x9 longer wristlet for $50.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

She bought if off my arm!!!

My friend and neighbor decided to have some girls over for Pomegranate Martinis on Friday night--awesome friend, huh?! I walked in with the gorgeous purple wristlet dangling from my arm and my girlfriend said, "that little purse is like my whole wardrobe!" And, she is right! Suzanne has porcelain skin and dark brownish-black hair, and she looks amazing in all shades of purple and green!

So, being the good friend that I am (and shamelessly one who can't pass up the opportunity to sell one of my bags), I offered it to her on the spot. I really only used it twice, for the purpose of advertising my product. Being the even better friend that she is, she bought it from me right then! I emptied out my wallet, keys, lip gloss and a chewing gum wrapper onto the counter, zipped it back up and handed off to her!

And that's how it's done! Thanks, Suzanne! I look forward to seeing it dangling from your wrist very often!

Here's a picture of the wristlet, again. I crocheted a new one last night!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Artsy-Fartsy Neutrals

I made this one for my friend's daughter--shh, it's a gift--and she is very artsy. This is the 5x7 size wristlet and I planned my yarn around this glass pendant, choosing a blend of mohair type yarn and a brown and black already blended thicker yarn. Together they add a lot of depth, like the pendant. The interior brocade is hues of brown and cream with a touch of silvery-blue. Then, instead of forcing a preppy, girlie style ribbon on her, I went subtle with a much thinner black velvet ribbon (less obvious) and then tied it on incorporating the pendant, topping it off with a hammered style silver bangle.

I really like this look! It's a bit more edgy and anyone can carry this wristlet without feeling too cutesy. AND, the pendant is a great piece to jazz up a simple outfit, without wearing a bunch of jewelry!

This bag already sold for $45.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Pumpkins" and pumpkins....

Pumpkin (a.k.a. orange) isn't exactly my very favorite color, but this time of the year you just can't avoid it! Pumpkins are everywhere. Pumpkin mousse, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread and, of course, pumpkin pie!!! My daughter could eat pumpkin pie everyday of her life! Anyway, if you can't beat it--join it!
I took the girls, my "pumpkins," to pick out pumpkins to paint (carving will come closer to Halloween) and they each chose two. We go to this wonderful little farm just down the road from us every year. Well, I had to parlay this event with purse making and was inspired to stay true to the spirit of the season.
This wristlet is so spicy and purely pumpkin with a dash of paprika! This one is a 5x7 size with an antique gold twisted wristlet, taupe and turquoise brocade lining, orange zipper and a deep rust velvet ribbon in a bow. Just rich! Know any red-heads? This wristlet couldn't be more perfect!
Spicy-Pumpkin-Paprika wristlet sells for $40.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Brown--the Other Black

Sure, a little black purse is great for any occassion--but it's the safe route and you know it:) The colors for fall are rich hues of brown, green, purple, orange... just beautiful! So, why not carry a little wristlet that honors the season, will still look great in the winter and offers a darker look with a pop of color!
This one is a deep chocolate brown, 5x7 size single crochet, light green zipper with a fabulous vibrant green velvet ribbon tied in a knot. The interior (shown on the inside of a different bag) is a lighter moss green with brown and a touch of turquoise. I just love unzipping the bag to find a beautiful fabric! And, I decided an antique gold bangle would really make this bag come together--matches well with the interior fabric.

This bag sells for $40.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rich Fall Colors

I am drooling over this bag--seriously gorgeous if I do say so myself! I get so excited when I make something that even I am surprised at how great it looks! This is another of the large wristlet size--have a strap added and it could be a small purse. This beauty is 5x7, excluding the weathered-looking silver bangle, deep purple yarn with double crochet pattern, rich purple under a green and light purple paisley print brocade lining, light purple zipper and a moss velvet ribbon to top it off! I chose to make a bow with the ribbon, but it can be knotted off like the others. Add a pin and OH MY!!! If you love this season's fall colors, you will flip for this wristlet!

This one sells for $50 and so worth it! Honestly, I think I have to go make another one for myself right now--

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Little black bag....

Every girl needs a little black bag to go with her little black dress... or anything really!! This wristlet is the largest one I do, measuring 5x9 inches (not including the bangle). Done in a horizontal single crochet and a deep dark pink velvet ribbon, this one is just as lovely inside as it is lined with a black and purple/silver paisely brocade. I personally use this one all the time! I can fit my wallet, keys, phone and lipstick--perfect for a night out or just to run errands.

I sell this size for $50. And remember... you can custome design your yarn color and ribbon to suit your style!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Holiday Orders

If you are interested in purchasing my purses, I'm taking orders now! Design you own.... pick a color yarn, ribbon color and size you want. You can initially communicate with me via a comment on this blog OR Once I know what you are looking for I can call you or continue to talk via email. For those of you I can't meet with (if you are out of town) I will post pictures of the yarn and ribbon so you can see what I'm working with. I can make just about any type of design... just ask! And, don't wait to order.... my hands can only go so fast:)

Fun weekend!!!!

I've been a bit absent from my blog because I've had such a great weekend! My dear friend Amy (perky pink Amy) came back to visit and we laughed so hard our stomachs hurt!! And, my darling little girl turned 9 yesterday!!! Today looks beautiful for Samantha Ann's soccer game, then we'll party with family tonight to celebrate our Payton Marie!

Tomorrow, my friends, I'll get back to work on some fun new purses!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just a quick note....

Some of you I've Facebooked with have asked if I make larger bags. I do, but only upon request. They do take longer to make and right now I am focusing on the fun little wristlets which my time allows for. However, I will get some pictures up soon of the bigger ones I've done in the past. Basically, if you like what you see in the wristlet versions, you can "super size" (the good ol' America way). I use one and a half inch wide crochet straps for over the shoulder, the size is a 10x9 and cost is $95. Just let me know if you are interested!!!

Hope everyone is feeling well this fabulous "hump day"!!! Headed out for a much needed haircut!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Grey and pink wristlet... too, cute!

I love grey in the winter... well, not the sky, but isn't that a different spelling? I love grey sweaters, grey flannels, grey long sleeved t-shirts and I really love grey with PINK! It just perks it up a notch, you know? Then again, pink perks up anything--you should see my perky-pink sweet friend Amy!
So this little wristlet, sans the bangle I'll add later, has a velvet baby pink ribbon tied in a bow, along with a silver pendant that offers a little touch of pink on the flowers. How delicate can I get! I've shown the sweet brocade on the inside which is a silk fabric in off-white with a subtle floral design.

I love this one.... someone should buy it before I keep it! It's only $40!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Funky Pink Wristlet

One of the wristlet shells I finished yesterday is completely finished now--see, here! It's adorned with a funky enamelled pendant and fuchsia grosgrain ribbon. The inside is a delicate floral brocade fabric--just at pretty as the wristlet itself! For any of you interested in purchasing this wristlet, or one similar, it will cost $30.

Now, just so we are all clear on what a "wristlet" actually is... because apparently some didn't get the memo:) A wristlet is a little purse with a small handle on it large enough to go around the wrist. In my case, I like to put a bangle bracelet on them--silver or gold, depending on the yarn.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Crochet here, crochet there....

One can crochet just about anywhere. Today, on the way to one of my daughter's sporting events, I crocheted away! Stealing moments here and there is just about the only way I can actually get my wristlets and/or purses done. I successfully finished one shell (the outside yarn part) of a wristlet! Later, I headed over to a friend's house to watch the prerecorded MadMen from last week, and once again pumped out another wristlet shell! Go Me! So, forget the Granny basket heaped with yarn and needles... so not necessary. Just grab a ball of yarn and a crochet hook and you're solid!

Oh, and our soccer team won 2-0!! That certainly trumps my crochet any day! And MadMen... if you haven't seen it yet--watch it on AMC Sunday night at 10pm EST!!!

Look for pictures of the wristlets I started today--I'll have them completed very soon!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.....

Welcome to AnnMarieJolie! For some of you, the name change will be obvious--I had another daughter since I began making my purses. I had no choice but to change the name of my handcrafted crocheted purses and wristlets to reflect all of my daughters! I hope you will enjoy my blogs and find my purses irresistible. My inspiration comes from my daughters and believe me, they "inspire" me everyday!!

I love purses. I love wristlets. I love arm candy. So I figured out that my talent for crocheting shouldn't be limited to scarves and throws! Why not make the thinks I REALLY love and can use all year round, outside of my home. After fumbling around with several designs of purses, I finally reached the sizes that have sold the best and are most fun to design. While you can't find them in stores, nor on a site just yet, you can reach me if you are interested in purchasing!! Just send me an email and you, too, can own some fun arm candy!